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  1. Selecting a Venue

    You may find that the number of guests anticipated at your Event may limit the venue selection. For example, a small intimate gathering may be best held at a restaurant with private dining facilities.

  2. Food and Beverage

    Organising the food and beverage is not always a simple task. When planning your Event it is important to remember that if you are providing alcoholic drinks you will need to also provide some type of food in order to avoid the inevitable occurring.

  3. Entertainment

    To ensure that entertainers can provide the very best service, ensure that they are fully briefed well before and are aware of what your Event is trying to achieve. Make sure that all audio visual, lighting and sound requirements have been considered and that all suppliers are provided with a running order, which is both realistic and practical, prior to the Event.

  4. Obtain Feedback

    After the Event, try and obtain feedback from your guests. It is important to ascertain whether your guests enjoyed themselves and find out what aspects worked and what didn’t, so that you can use this information in the planning of future Events. For example, if there was an aspect that did not meet with your guest’s approval, you can ensure that it does not re-occur at the next Event.

  5. Book Venue Early

    If your Event is a success and you wish to use the same venue for the following year or next time a similar Event is to be held, it is always advisable to consider booking it early to avoid any disappointment.

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